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technical and legal texts

Do you sometimes find it hard to create a blog, articles or web texts that are easily legible, or simply, without language mistakes, structural errors or grammatical blunders? Do you struggle with finding the right phrasing to make sure you reach and seize the right target audience?

technical texts - yes, please

And in multiple languages! 

Legal articles without errors

Let's be clear about something: translators are not copywriters. The competency of the translator is in converting the author’s initial message (and primarily, the thoughts and emotions related to that message) into another language. As a translator, your job is to be invisible. A text that reads as if it has been translated, is not a good translation at all. The opposite can be said of a copywriter. Copywriters provide texts that are bustling with their creative ideas, making sure that the text is fluent and well-written, that it contains a clear message and that it motivates the reader to keep on reading. Do you find it difficult to write blogs, articles or web texts in an inspired and spontaneous way, or simply, to write them without any grammatical errors, structural mistakes or even spelling slip-ups?

Since we are mostly active in technical and legal industries, we offer copywriters who are most familiar in these specific domains, with their own jargon. Submit your question, article, key words or ideas and we'll let you know if that is something we can work with. Thanks to the linguistic expertise of our writers, you won't have to worry about errors or dull texts. Moreover, thanks to our technical and legal knowledge, there won't be any mistakes with regard to content, either.

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