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Vandersanden Law Firm (Bilzen)

Certified translations, language assistance in court by means of a certified interpreter, language advice

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AKP Keulen (Lanaken)

Translation of contacts, technical sheets and cooperation agreements.


Alu-pex (Zonhoven)

Translation of website through specialised CMS, product specifications, technical sheets, manuals, instructions.

Take a look at the ALU-PEX You Tube channel

alupex logo.png

ArtMax bv (Dilsen-Stokkem)

Translation of site agreements, subcontracting agreements to multiple languages

ArtMax bv.jpeg

BKC (Genk)

Certified translations

Dutch language training


Boldt (Heusden-Zolder)

Translation of website, technological terminology, instruction sheets, product descriptions

boldt logo_edited.jpg

Brezan/PartsPoint Belgium

Interpreting during multilingual meetings, receptions, conferences and national announcements, translation of manuals


Camba Ramen & Deuren (Genk)

Translation of website into multiple languages, multilingual communication, product sheets, language advice

Camba logo.png

Expliciet (Hasselt)

Translation of technical blogs, web articles, copywriting, multilingual interviews

expliciet logo.png

HA Group (Benelux)

Translation of technical manuals of specialised machine fleet


Jaga (Diepenbeek)

Translation of website through specialised CMS, manuals, product sheets

jaga logo.jpg


Translation of voice-overs, subtitling, text revision, translation of blog articles

limelight logo.png

Metalix nv (Lummen)

Translation of safety instructions, warranty conditions, technical specifications

metalix logo.png

Woonzorgcentrum Ocura 

Translation of admission agreement to multiple languages


Private persons

All types of free and certified translations in almost every language combination

Image by Joel Muniz

Polyvision (Genk)

Translation of website, technical documentation, general terms and conditions

Polyvision logo.png

Punch Powertrain (Sint-Truiden)

Translation of information sheets, work instructions, internal communication, agreements. Interpreting during meetings

PPT logo.png

Sapori d'Abruzzo (Genk)

Translation of food product sheets, copywriting of Italian marketing texts, subtitling of marketing clips

Sapori d'Abruzzo logo.jpg

Sharp Belgium - Enestia Packaging Solutions (Hamont-Achel)

Certified translations of official reports, free translation of internal technical documentation

sharp logo.jpg

Sunlogics (Dilsen-Stokkem)

Translation of contracts, car policies, subcontracting agreements, to multiple languages

sunlogics logo.jpeg

Vanderstraeten (Lummen)

Translation of technical drawings, public procurement, safety sheets, technical files, from quotation to BAFO

vanderstraeten logo.png

Wees Wegwijs (Herentals)

Translation of complete manuals driving licence C (lorry) and Professional Competence


YouConnect (Brussels)

Translation and revision of contracts, mainly oriented towards legal & HR profiles


Leenders Law firm (Tongeren)

Certified translation of supporting documents, legal language assistance

leenders logo.jpg

Alucan Entec (Barcelona & Benelux)

Translation of internal work instructions, partnership agreements, manuals

alucan logo.png

ArcelorMittal (Geel)

Consecutive interpreting during a Works Council for the Geel division.


Besix nv

Translation of public procurement: very large volumes at a very short timespan. Highly-technical jargon.


BNTQB (Hasselt)

Multilingual translation of website through specialised CMS. Very technical terminology.

bntqb logo.png

Brains & Business (As)

Copywriting, language advice, translation of web texts. Domain: AI, Business Consultancy, Enterprise Architecture

Brains & Business.png

Haacht Brewery (Haacht)

Translation of internal documents, social media posts, agreements, course material, contracts.

brouwerij haacht logo.png

Es-Er Trans (Genk)

Interpreting for foreign drivers to obtain their specialised driving licence, translation of official documents

es er trans.jpeg

Fruit at Work (Zonhoven)

Translation of web texts, articles with regard to sustainability, external mails, blogs


HuisRAAD Law Firm & Mediators (Maaseik)

Certified translations
Certified language assistance and interpreting

huisraad advocaten.png

Jesolie (Kwaadmechelen)

Revision of web texts, language advice, proofreading and copywriting


Menthor (Genk)

Copywriting of technical blogs, revision of texts, translation of technical documentation

menthor logo.png

Civil-law notaries Smeets & Verdonck (Maasmechelen)

Certified translations of legal documents such as Deed of Sale, proxy, Certificate of Succession


Openbaar Psychiatrisch Zorgcentrum (Rekem)

Translation of specific manuals in accordance with VRAG-R standard

OPZC rekem logo.jpg

Pharmacodel (La Louvière)

Translation of entire website, including proofreading and translation of blog articles



Publilemon (Oudsbergen)

Translation e-book to multiple languages, blog articles, social media posts

publilemon logo.jpeg

RAD (Drongen)

Translation of complete website: motorsports items, from clothing to motorcycle parts and accessories

RAD logo.png

Sappi Lanaken nv

Interpretation during trade union meetings, Works Councils and Security Councils


SIC Care for cars (As)


Multilingual revision and copywriting of web texts, blog articles and social media posts

1858077_transparent MEDIUM.png

Tails Communications (Retie)

Translation of blog articles, text revision, translations of websites


Visualising Value (Zoutleeuw)

Translation of press articles, text revision, multilingual copywriting

visualising value.jpg

Windvision Belgium (Leuven)

Translation technical report soil analysis, technical reporting and documentation

windvision logo.jpeg

Local authorities and OCMWs

Language support for refugees, immigrants or foreign private persons who need (certified) translations or the assistance of an interpreter

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