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Interpreting - Technical & Legal

The difference between a translator and an interpreter is not always clear.

A translator converts written text to another language,

while an interpreter translates spoken words into another language.

Although both professions move in the same industry, these specialisations
require a different set of skills.

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Interpreters are commissioned for technical meetings, press conferences, language assistance in court,
technical product presentations, product training sessions for your foreign staff, in short: everywhere where it is
important that your message is communicated correctly and discreetly to your multilingual audience 
or your foreign dialogue partner.






You never have to worry about the technical side - we take care of that as well. We'll provide headsets, microphones, cabins and all other requirements, including technican assistance during your event.


Recently, LCVB has partnered up with an app developer with over 30 years of experience in the interpreting industry. With this app, certain interpreting assignments can be performed completely online. This video-based interpreting platform is cost-efficient (there is no technical structure, no travel expense), you get the most experienced and sophisticated human interpreters at your disposal and it is
utterly suitable for a large variety of multilingual meetings.

Please ask us about the most suited form of interpreting for your event.

Whisper set

Whisper set

A tour guide (‘whisper set’) allows the interpreter to translate the spoken word simultaneously without the need for a cabin.

Sennheiser Tour Guide

Sennheiser Tour Guide

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