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All types of professional translations
Free from certification or legalisation

Professional translations are all types of specialised translations of a technical, corporate or legal nature that do not require certification or legalisation. Upon receiving your text, our software will calculate the number of repetitions or untranslatable terms (such as names, digits or fixed terms) and we use this analyse to prepare a quotation.


Attention: we do NOT use translation software, we do use our own, individually created databases to warrant a uniform terminology (for your company exclusively or per industry) and we rely on our supporting CAT tools. Our translators are academic craftsmen who steer away from translation robots. We realise that this is rather rare in our industry these days. Therefore, at LCVB, you can be sure that your text has been read and interpreted by a human eye and that a professional person with the right expertise has converted it.


The average rate for professional translations of common language pairs is € 0.16/word in the source language. This includes proofreading and excludes VAT. You can read how to calculate the number of words in your document here.


Common languages are Dutch, English, French and German. For other languages and depending on the type of document, this rate may vary slightly.


You will always receive your quotation before we start translating. We strive to offer short deadlines and competitive prices always.

Certified and legalised translations

Certain documents, such as a birth certificate, proof of residence, marriage certificate or court documentation can only be translated by certified translators. To offer specialised translations for all your language combinations, we work with a number of experienced, certified translators who will be able to deliver your document in a fair timespan and at a reasonable price. All our translators will certify your documents with a digital signature, issued to them by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This digital certification offers you a guarantee of our quality and the legal validity of our work.


The price depends on the size of the document, the source language and the target language.


Feel free to send us your document for a free quotation. You can do this in a couple of ways:

  • Forward a (high-resolution) scan or a(n editable) file via email to

  • If you send us a picture via Business WhatsApp, be sure that everything is clearly legible; even the fine-print. Don’t forget the back of the document!
    If needed, use the flash. We need to be able to read every word and see every stamp or seal – also those on the edges. Send us multiple pictures if needed, zooming in on a specific area. Take a look at Question 2 in the FAQ: ‘How (not) to deliver documents’.

  • Our preferred way: you can also deliver your original documents at our office in As (3665). This way, we get to meet in person and are we able to give you more information on the spot. Give us a little heads-up if you want to stop by (by sending a message or making an appointment), this way, we know you are coming.

You will always receive your quotation before we start translating. We strive to offer short deadlines and competitive prices always.

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