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Who is LCVB

Language Consultancy Veerle Bammens

Shortly after my studies as translator (I graduated from VLEKHO in Brussels in 2006 with a Master's Degree), the entrepreneurial bug started to grow and Language Consultancy Veerle Bammens (LCVB) was founded.

Entrepreneurship runs through my veins, as does my love of languages and engineering. My first office was given a few years to grow in Schakkebroek (Herk-de-Stad) before moving to Zonhoven for 10 years. Eventually, however, we outgrew the location there too, and now you can visit us in a nice big office with separate training room in As. 

Because of my interest in engineering, cars and motorcycles ( I am, for instance, the proud class winner of the "24h van Zolder" in 2013, with a Mazda MX-5), I focused on this extremely interesting field from the start and so my expertise in translating mainly technical texts has developed. This is and will always be my personal hobbyhorse. Over the years, however, the urge for a more commercial approach grew and so plans developed to go bigger. My 'language agency' grew into a 'Taalbankier', a 'Language Banker'. A Language Consultancy, as the name suggests, where our team offers specialised technical and legal translations to a very wide range of languages, in both written and spoken language.

So, if you need expertly translated texts (by skilled professionals, not by translation robots) of important documents, whether as a company or an individual, you have come to an experienced translation house. Our primary area of expertise remains engineering and law, but thanks to years of collaboration with a pool of strong translators, we can also offer other areas of expertise.



Feel free to contact me, I am always your single and direct point of contact.

At your service.


Veerle Bammens oprichter LCVB

My father used to say: "We have oil running through our veins."

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